About Us

Our vision:

To be a sustainable port creating economic value while connecting western Newfoundland globally through tourism and trade.

Our mission statement:

To provide high-quality ocean transportation and distribution services through strategic partnerships and leadership.

Our values are the guiding principles we practice that never change. They represent the groundwork that helps us create and maintain a positive work culture by influencing our attitudes and behaviours.

  • Accountability: our obligation to make better decisions and to pursue excellence.
  • Innovation: striving to produce high-quality work that pushes the port upward.
  • Integrity: we’re honest, transparent and committed to doing our best.
  • Leadership: motivating and inspiring our team to engage and generate new ideas.
  • Sustainability: being mindful of ecological, social and economic influences in all decisions.
  • Stewardship: increasing our responsibility to nurture our port and our relationships.

Corner Brook Port Corporation is a community-based and controlled organization responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Port of Corner Brook.

As a non-profit entity, any profits from the operation are re-invested back into infrastructure and facilities. The Corporation is committed to expanding shipping opportunities for the region, where viable, as well as pursuing projects which have the potential to generate economic activity for western Newfoundland.

Our incorporation: 

The Port Committee of the Corner Brook Chamber of Commerce, along with the City of Corner Brook and a number of other port stakeholders, established the Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) in 2001.

CBPC is a not-for-profit corporation established under the laws of Newfoundland and Labrador. The port was divested to the Corporation from Transport Canada in November 2004.

Three Lines of Business

The Corner Brook Port Corporation has three main lines of business. These three sources of revenue help the Corporation achieve its mandate and become commercially viable and sustainable in the long-term. The core objectives for each line of business are as follows: