CBPC signs MOU to explore project Gwinya

CBPC signs MOU to explore project Gwinya

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Corner Brook, July 4, 2024 – The Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CWP Global. This agreement marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to examine the potential of project Gwinya, a transformative initiative aimed to promote economic growth and environmental sustainability in the region.

Project Gwinya will explore the potential for a green hydrogen hub, including a hot briquetted iron (HBI) plant, at the Port of Corner Brook. The project is in line with the global energy transition and aims to support the decarbonization of supply chains by processing iron ore into high-quality green iron using green hydrogen. This initiative has the potential to elevate the region’s international profile, with the goal of becoming a symbol for the green transition of heavy industry.

The initiative aligns with CBPC’s commitment to generate economic value and enhance connections between Western Newfoundland and Labrador, and the global market. Under the MOU, the CBPC expresses its intent to support Project Gwinya, contingent upon its ability to meet rigorous environmental, social, and economic responsibilities. This includes the evaluation of its potential to promote economic growth, create jobs, increase port activity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as ensuring the community is actively engaged.

“This MOU represents our dedication to exploring sustainable opportunities that benefit our community,” said Jackie Chow, CEO of the CBPC. “We look forward to working closely with CWP Global to ensure Project Gwinya aligns with our shared values of environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.”

CWP Global plan to conduct public information sessions in July, to increase project awareness and foster community support. The CBPC is a community-based organization and is dedicated to exploring regional opportunities that deliver tangible benefits to the public. While we recognize the importance of exploring projects that can provide significant economic value, we are equally committed to assessing their social and environmental impacts.

For more information and updates on Project Gwinya, visit CWP Global’s website: http://cwp.global

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CBPC is an independent and community-based organization that provides high-quality ocean transportation and distribution services through strategic partnerships. Its vision is to create economic value by connecting Western Newfoundland and Labrador globally through tourism and trade. The Corporation achieves this through its three lines of business: industrial port operations, real estate, and cruise tourism.

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