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Port of Corner Brook Sets New Records

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 cruise season was a recording-breaking year for the Port of Corner Brook. Between June 30 and November 3, we welcomed 16 vessels into the port for an impressive 28 calls.

Our portfolio for the 2023 season was diverse, ranging in size from nimble expedition ships and world-class luxury ships to classic, well-loved cruise ships.

With the help of our partners and stakeholders, we have created lasting memories of Newfoundland for 40,948 passengers and 20,246 well-traveled crew members. These numbers represent a dramatic increase of 58% and 36%, respectively, from the 2022 season.

The Port of Corner Brook has made significant investments to elevate its cruise tourism offerings, amenities, and shoreside experiences. Throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons, the port constructed seven market sheds with accessibility features, enhanced signage incorporating diverse cultural and artistic elements, and introduced designated selfie spots. Additionally, the port has established supplementary seating areas to augment the overall visitor experience. As part of this comprehensive project, the port acquired a new gangway and floating dock, enabling the port to sustain its international container service operations while seamlessly receiving cruise passengers at the port.

“Thanks to the invaluable support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, we’ve successfully transformed our dockside experience through the cruise enhancement project. Disembarking passengers now enjoy an immediate welcome at our vibrant vendors market, enhanced information kiosk, and additional seating areas—all made possible through this collaborative effort.” Jackie Chow, Chief Executive Officer.

2023 was nothing short of a celebration. The Port of Corner Brook successfully welcomed six inaugural calls, facilitated three double ship days, and commemorated the 150th anniversary of the Holland America Line with visitors of the Zaandam.

This cruise season also marked a significant milestone as the port celebrated the arrival of its 300,000th passenger since the commencement of cruising in Corner Brook in 1976. The Port of Corner Brook also set a provincial record for the highest number of cruise passengers in a single season among all ports in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“The arrival of our 300,000th cruise passenger is a momentous occasion. These significant passenger increases and milestones reflect the resilience and growth we’ve experienced since the inception of cruising in Corner Brook, highlighting our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for travellers.” Jennifer Crane, Business Development Manager.

The port secured two unexpected bookings during the Thanksgiving weekend. As a result, from October 7th to 9th, we welcomed more than 14,000 passengers and crew, an impressive 23% of our total visitors for the season. The positive feedback from cruise passengers undoubtedly reflects the community’s hospitality and openness.

The economic benefits generated by the local cruise industry extend across diverse sectors, leaving a profound impact on the community. Increased cruise tourists spark economic activity, benefitting many sectors including retail, transportation, security, and various small business owners. We estimate that the total economic impact for the region is $14.1 million between direct and indirect expenditures.

As cruising grows in popularity and gains momentum worldwide, it is unsurprising that our 2024 cruise season reflects continued growth. 

“Although it is too early to disclose the 2024 schedule at this time, we can confidently say that we anticipate a considerable increase in port calls and passenger and crew numbers. We are pleased by the anticipated growth and deeply grateful for the dedication and commitment of our community and stakeholders in supporting and fostering cruise tourism in the region. The collective effort to ensure the industry’s continued success and expansion is inspiring.” Patti Ricketts, Cruise Marketing Coordinator.

Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) is an independent and community-based organization that provides high-quality ocean transportation and distribution services through strategic partnerships. Its vision is to create economic value by connecting Western Newfoundland globally through tourism and trade. The Corporation achieves this through its three lines of business: industrial port operations, real estate, and cruise tourism.


Port of Corner Brook expecting record cruise season

The Port of Corner Brook has record bookings for the 2023 cruise season, following a celebratory post-pandemic return to cruise in 2022. 

The 2022 cruise season results exceeded expectations following a two-year pause due to COVID-19 restrictions. The season concluded with 23 cruise ship calls carrying almost 26,000 passengers, up 3.25% from 2019. “Expecting ship capacities would be down, we didn’t anticipate reaching 2019 numbers in the first year of cruise resumption, but I’m happy to report that we surpassed these results,” says Jennifer Hartley, Business Development Manager. The cruise industry provides significant economic value to the region and is essential to the tourism sector. Contributing to the overall success for 2022 was the increase of cruise ship occupancy rate throughout the year as COVID-19 restrictions eased, and consumer confidence in the industry returned. The total ‘spend’ from cruise lines and the 40,879 cruise guests and crew combined with indirect expenditures resulted in a estimated total economic impact for the region of $8.6 million for the 2022 season. 

The focus for the 2022 season was to ensure the safe resumption of the local cruise sector for passengers, crew, port staff and, of course, the community. Creating a positive experience for all stakeholders was a crucial component in helping to make this season a success. During the pandemic, the Port of Corner Brook launched a weekly international container service which would affect the berthing schedule and the cruise welcome program. Throughout last season, the Port added many new upgrades including a 100 ft tender dock and gangway that is positioned along the south part of the wharf to allow vessels to tender guests to shore when the berth is unavailable. Tendering is a standard service in the cruise industry and enables the Port of Corner Brook to be more flexible with berth reservations. We saw three cruise ships take advantage of this service and currently have four cruise ships booked at anchor for next season. 

The Regent Seven Seas Navigator will return in May 2023, officially kicking off the Port of Corner Brook cruise season in their first of five calls. The largest ship to call the Port is the Norwegian Joy, which is 333 metres long, carries 3,800 passengers along with 1800 crew and will make three calls this season. Marking the end of the cruise season will be the Oceania Cruises’ Insignia on November 3. 

“We are pleased to release the 2023 cruise schedule, which features 32 cruise ship calls, six maiden voyages and four double ship days. As we prepare for another busy season, we hope to further transform the passenger experience through additional infrastructure enhancements, and we look forward to our future growth in the industry.”       

Jackie Chow, CEO, Corner Brook Port Corporation

The Port of Corner Brook continues to make improvements to ensure the passengers and crew enjoy the shoreside experience. We look forward to working with our cruise partners and stakeholders to ensure another successful year. From the local businesses to the volunteers, our community continues to come together to provide a warm welcome and positive atmosphere for cruise tourists. Once again, we encourage community members to reach out to see how they can get involved.   


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company to service Port of Corner Brook


CORNER BROOK, NL (May 11, 2020) – The MSC ELBE is expected to arrive at the Port of Corner Brook May 12, 2020 as the inaugural call of a new container service to the Port of Corner Brook. The purpose of this visit is to position empty cargo containers so that the Port and its partners, Logistec Stevedoring Inc. and Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. can prepare for their first international shipment.

MSC is enhancing its shipping network in Canada by adding a new call to Port of Corner Brook. Building on its existing presence in the Ports of Montreal and Saint John, MSC will deploy the additional service to Corner Brook, beginning this month. MSC is a global leader in transport and logistics, facilitating international trade between the world’s major economies and emerging markets across all continents.

“This new service is a symbol of our long-lasting commitment to Canada and mutually beneficial relationship with the Corner Brook Port Corporation and our customers in Newfoundland and Labrador. What is even more important is our continuous commitment to invest in and serve the Canadian market in general and the Newfoundland and Labrador market in particular, providing services which support local trade ambitions and trigger growth, while opening doors to global opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Sokat Shaikh, President and CEO of MSC Canada.

“This international container service at the Port of Corner Brook achieves a key objective in the Port’s long-term strategy” says Jackie Chow, Chief Executive Office of Corner Brook Port Corporation, “we are pleased with this collaboration with MSC, as our global shipping partner, as this service will provide an efficient transportation link to world markets and will support the growth of international trade in western Newfoundland and Labrador, the Province and Canada.”

The 4800 hp tug, Dalton Warrior, will be stationed in the Port of Corner Brook to assist the MSC vessels in safe berthing. The Dalton Warrior is owned and operated by PD Industries and is available to service vessels in the western region.

The Port’s terminal operator, Logistec Stevedoring Inc. will oversee the handling and storing of containers and the loading and unloading of cargo in and out of containers. Over the next two weeks, containers will be filled with cargo, sealed, and tagged in preparation for shipment.

“At LOGISTEC, we firmly believe in this type of partnership. Working together toward a common goal benefits not only the local economy, but the national economy as well. Our investment of $1.7 million will be put toward increasing the operational efficiency at the Port of Corner Brook. Making smart investments in Canadian transportation infrastructure and trade corridors are key to ensuring Canada’s continued success in the global marketplace”, explained Rodney Corrigan, President of LOGISTEC Stevedoring Inc.

This project was made possible by an investment of $5.5 million approved under Transport Canada’s National Trade Corridors Fund. This funding was augmented by $5.5 million contributed by project partners: Corner Brook Port Corporation, Logistec Stevedoring Inc., Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd., and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

“As Premier, my government was pleased to be a partner for this important expansion project. The arrival of the first international shipment from MSC marks a significant milestone for the Port, the City of Corner Brook and the entire region.  By working together, we are creating new economic opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador and I look forward to seeing this momentum continue.”

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

“The arrival of an MSC vessel this week is a strong indication that the Corner Brook Port Corporation is prepared to receive and distribute international shipments. Through investments from the federal government’s National Trade Corridors fund, the Port was able to improve their ability to transport international goods, joining a list of world class shipping facilities, while stimulating a vital sector of our local, regional and national economies. The growing business of the Corner Brook Port Corporation is strengthening employment opportunities and business potential in the Long Range Mountains, and across the country.”

Gudie Hutchings, Member of Parliament for Long Range Mountains

“Transportation and logistics are an essential driver for economic development and the new freight loading infrastructure at the Port of Corner Brook will enable new opportunities to unfold for us all. We are encouraged that our long term partners such as Corner Brook Pulp and Paper and the Barry Group will see benefits from this project just as we are excited that new users will be attracted to our world class facilities. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to partner with the Corner Brook Port Corporation, all of the project partners and the Government of Canada to make this happen.”

Fisheries and Land Resources Minister and Corner Brook MHA Gerry Byrne

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Media Contacts

Corner Brook Port Corporation

Jennifer Hartley, Business Development Manager

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MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company



Mobile Harbour Crane to arrive at Port of Corner Brook

CORNER BROOK, NL (April 24, 2020) – The BBC Austria is set to arrive at the Port of Corner Brook Sunday, April 26, 2020, to deliver container handling equipment for the Port of Corner Brook. The equipment includes a new eco-efficient Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane and two Hyster Reach Stackers purchased by the port and its project partners. Also, on board is a third Hyster Reach Stacker and three Mafi Shunter Trucks purchased by Logistec Stevedoring Inc. for its operations at the port. Offloading of the equipment will commence Monday, April 25, 8am.

This acquisition of the port’s equipment was made possible by an investment of $5.5 million approved under Transport Canada’s National Trade Corridors Fund in August 2019.

“Our government is investing in Canada’s economy by making improvements to our trade and transportation corridors. The transportation and distribution of goods are a vital part of our local, regional, and national economies. This investment in the Port of Corner Brook will stimulate economic growth, create quality middle-class jobs, and ensure that Canada’s transportation networks remain competitive and efficient, fostering long-term prosperity for all of the Long Range Mountains.”
-Gudie Hutchings, Member of Parliament for Long Range Mountains

This funding was augmented by $5.5 million contributed by project partners: Corner Brook Port Corporation, Logistec Stevedoring Inc., Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd., and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

“A partnership like this is what we at LOGISTEC firmly believe in. Newfoundland plays an important role in the Canadian supply chain. Making smart Investments in Canadian infrastructure and trade corridors are key to ensuring Canada’s continued success in the global marketplace.”
-Rodney Corrigan, LOGISTEC Stevedoring, President.

The new mobile crane will increase efficiency at the Port of Corner Brook by growing its capacity to move containers at a faster rate. This equipment will enhance the port’s industrial global shipping operations by allowing for the movement of Canadian goods to international markets.
“Stimulating economic growth for western and northern Newfoundland is an integral part of the port’s mandate. The arrival of the new mobile crane and other required equipment is a significant milestone in laying the groundwork for future prosperity for the Port and the region.”
-Jackie Chow, Chief Executive Office, Corner Brook Port Corporation

About Corner Brook Port Corporation
Incorporated in 2001, the Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) is a community-based, community-controlled organization. As a not-for-profit corporation, future profits from the operation are reinvested back into port infrastructure and facilities to ensure long-term sustainability in the region. The mission of the CBPC is to ensure the continued growth and development of the port by providing a high-quality ocean transportation and distribution link to serve the needs of western and northern Newfoundland and Labrador. The Corporation works toward its mandate within three lines of business: industrial port operations, real estate, and cruise tourism.

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Media Contact:
Jennifer Hartley
Business Development Manager
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Recognizing the evolving situation concerning Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) is committed to provide information and guidance on protocols to consider in safeguarding the health and safety of those working within the Port of Corner Brook. The information in this notification is based on best practices and on recommendations developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent and minimize the spread of the virus and to contribute to the health and safety of those working within the Port of Corner Brook.


On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). Accordingly, Transport Canada (TC) Marine Security Operations provided information and guidance to the Canadian marine industry on protocols to consider in safeguarding the health and safety of those working in the marine industry in Canada. This information was based on recommendations developed by the PHAC and WHO.


Common signs of infection with the Coronavirus include fever and respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.


While the immediate risk of this new virus to the Port of Corner Brook users and staff is believed to be low, everyone can do their part to help the Port of Corner Brook respond to this emerging public health threat. Personal hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing with soap and water, avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth and avoiding close contact with people who are symptomatic are important preventative measures.


In order to contribute to the health and safety of those who work in and support the business of the Port of Corner Brook, and to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of spreading of the Coronavirus within the Port of Corner Brook jurisdiction, the following is implemented on a temporary basis:


  1. Foreign flagged ships are to ensure that all required components of the 96-hour and 24-hour Pre-Arrival Inspection Report (PAIR) are completed in accordance with section 221 of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR);
  2. Vessel Masters with crew members and passengers symptomatic of the Coronavirus are to advise TC Marine Safety and Security following transmission of the 96-hour PAIR;
  3. As to vessels with symptomatic crew members or passengers, TC Marine Security Inspectors will advise PHAC officials, who will follow up directly with the vessel;
  4. Based on the information provided in No.3 above, PHAC will provide follow-up directions;
  5. In the event that PHAC determines that a crew member or passenger on-board a vessel is at risk, TC Marine Safety and Security, in coordination with PHAC, will provide notification to others on a required basis (including, but not limited to, Canadian Coast Guard, Pilotage Authorities, TC Marine Safety, CBPC, CBSA, etc.);
  6. Based on the determination in No. 5, should the vessel be granted permission to enter the Port of Corner Brook by the appropriate regulatory authorities, then the CBPC will enact its own emergency response plan and/or applicable protocols in coordination with PHAC and TC.


  1. The above procedures do not apply to Canadian Registered Vessels;
  2. Domestic vessels should report passengers and crew who are symptomatic of the Coronavirus to provincial and local health authorities; and
  3. If a case of Coronavirus is suspected, Masters of Canadian Vessels are to advise TC and supporting agencies immediately, i.e. Pilots, CBPC, etc., prior to others boarding or coming into contact with passengers from the vessel.


Public Health Authorities: contact 811 or 1-888-709-2929 if you develop fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.

Government of Canada Novel Coronavirus information line: 1-833-784-4397

For the latest updates on the Coronavirus Outbreak, please visit the WHO website at the following link:

Additional details on Operational Considerations for Managing COVID-19 cases/outbreak on board ships, is located at the following link:

For the latest updates from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the ICS website at the following link:

For the latest updates and information from the Government of Canada, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC):

Questions or queries regarding Government of Canada response to COVID-19 should be directed to the Public Health Agency of Canada using the following link:

Questions for queries regarding the marine industry should be directed to Transport Canada using the following

For the latest information from the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), please visit the CLIA website at the following link: