SAFETY NOTICE: Humber Arm to Port of Corner Brook

SAFETY NOTICE: Humber Arm to Port of Corner Brook

Public Safety notice issued from Ice Atlantic – Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard will be conducting ice-breaking operations in Humber Arm to the Port of Corner Brook, over the next several weeks starting February 24, 2020.

Please be advised the icebreaker will be leaving an open water track in the ice during this time. Snowmobiles and residents are reminded not to venture too close to the open water track.

The Canadian Coast Guard cannot have absolute control on the behaviour of the ice. Depending on the conditions, the ice can be pushed instead of broken and ice can crack or break in areas away from the location where the icebreaker is working. This can cause risks for the safety of people and property. The public is warned to act accordingly, i.e. refrain from walking on the ice; remove mobile equipment in advance of ice-breaking activities protect permanently non-movable property, for instance.

Download: Public Safety Notice

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