Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Corner Brook Port Corporation welcomes members to attend its AGM.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 5:30 p.m. | Suite 201, RA Pollett Building, 61 Riverside Drive

Current Agenda

  • Greetings from chair
  • Introduction of board and staff
  • Adoption of agenda
  • Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes
  • Approval of 2020 Financial Statements
  • 2020 Annual Report
  • Appointment of auditor
  • Presentation by CBPC
  • Other business

Members interested in attending must RSVP prior to the event so that we can ensure adequate space is available for social distancing. For more information please contact:

Jennifer Hartley at 709-634-6600 or


Port Tariff Notice

Effective January 1, 2021

The Corner Brook Port  Corporation (CBPC) wishes to advise that there will be a 3% increase in Port Tariff Rates effective January 1, 2021.

This increase will apply to harbour administration, berthage, wharfage and storage. Interest will be applied to all overdue accounts as per section 10 of the Terminal Tariff document.

The complete Terminal Tariff report detailing the rates, charges, rules and regulations at terminals and facilities in the Port of Corner Brook is available on the Corporation’s website under Industrial Operations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the increase please contact Dean Jennings, Operations Manager at 709-637-4282.

Best regards,

Jackie Chow, CPA, CA

Chief Executive Officer


Public Notice: removal of debris (boulders) in Humber Arm

The public is advised that the Corner Brook Port Corporation recently submitted an application to the Minister of Transport, pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for approval of its debris removal project.

Removal of boulders in Humber Arm, immediately adjacent to the main wharf structure at the Port of Corner Brook will be conducted. It is anticipated that the work will begin late October and conclude within three-four weeks following the start date.

The purpose of this project is to remove large rocks along the seabed near the wharf to ensure the safe berthing of large vessels.

For more information please click to view the official public notice here: Public Notice


Jennifer Hartley, business development manager

709-634-6600 |


Call for Proposals – Engineering Services

Corner Brook Port Corporation is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms to assist the Port with the design and construction of a cold storage facility to be located dockside at the Port of Corner Brook. The services required include preliminary investigation, design, provision of a public tender and construction management.

This project, proposed by the Corner Brook Port Corporation, is intended to significantly contribute to the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry by providing access to safe cold storage in a location that is strategically positioned on the wharf to give direct access to the port’s international container service. The completion of the project will increase business opportunities to both fish harvesters and processors through lower costs, quicker time to market and better direct access to international markets promoting economic development for seafood processors, harvesters
and other businesses in the surrounding areas and strengthening the regional and provincial economy.

View the Call for Proposal below or view on 


CBPC Request for Cold Storage Engineering Services

ADDENDUM #1 Request for Proposals Engineering Service

ADDENDUM #2 Request for Proposals Engineering Service

CBPC is a non-profit community-based organization responsible for the stewardship and operation of the Port of Corner Brook. CBPC oversees the management of a range of port assets including the dock, six rental buildings, three ancillary buildings and 22 acres of waterfront land. CBPC aims to facilitate port growth and development through its two-pronged mandate. The first is the provide a high-quality ocean transportation and distribution link to meet the needs of western Newfoundland and the second is to contribute to regional economic development. CBPC has primarily been an industrial port with focus on pursuing industrial projects, particularly those with the potential to increase port activity and stimulate the local and/or regional economy. CBPC’s objective is to align port capabilities and regional capacity and invest in infrastructure where viable long-term opportunities exist.

For more information contact the Port:

Tel. 709-634-6600 | e-mail.


Call for Expressions of Interest – Cold Storage

Subject: Cold storage facility (fish) in Corner Brook, NL

The Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) invites expressions of interest from prospective cold storage users to support the development of a cold storage facility in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. This multi-user facility will be positioned strategically on the dock at the Port of Corner Brook to give direct access to the port’s international container service.

CBPC recognizes the limited access to proper cold storage in the region and the impact it has on the industry. Currently, many processors incur significant additional transportation costs as it is necessary to move fish off the island to be stored in facilities in other provinces. As well, due to the lack of cold storage near the Port of Corner Brook, it has been identified that the fishing industry does not have equal opportunity to benefit from the international container service available at the port. Specifically, processors planning to ship fish to international markets directly from Corner Brook are not able to safely store fish prior to its shipment. A dockside cold storage facility will provide processors with lower costs, quicker time to market and better direct access to international markets promoting economic development for seafood processors, fisherpeople and other businesses in the surrounding areas.

To address this cold storage shortage, CBPC plans to construct a public use cold storage facility for fish products at the Port of Corner Brook. The facility will have an expected holding capacity of 5,000 to 6,000 tonne. The expected budget for this project is $10 million. CBPC has funds to invest in this project however additional funding for cold storage equipment and racking will be required.  While CBPC will be applying to federal programs to assist with this project we are seeking industry partners in invest in the project in exchange for guaranteed storage at a preferred rate.  While project partners will be able to invest to guarantee their access to storage a limited percentage of storage will remain available for public use.

Industry partners interested in contributing to the project are requested to submit a non-binding EOI application.  If you have questions or would like to discuss this opportunity prior to submitting an EOI application, you may contact Jennifer Hartley. Application are due July 10, 2020.

After the EOI applications have been received CBPC will evaluate the demand for cold storage to determine the optimal size facility to construct, given the constraints of the available space, potential investment funds and estimated construction cost.  We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to construct sufficient cold storage to meet the needs of all interested applicants.  The EOI process will be followed by a formal subscription process first offered to EOI applicants.

Download the application: CBPC Expression of Interests – Fish Cold Storage 2020


Jennifer Hartley, M.Ed., MBA

Business Development Manager, Corner Brook Port Corporation

Office: 709-634-6600 Mobile: 709-640-1399

Email applications to:


Mural Project Continues with Artist Selection

The Port mural is part of the CBPC’s cruise enhancement project which aims to create a more welcoming and inviting experience during the arrival of cruise ships. Our goal is to select a mural that not only captures the culture and essence of Newfoundland and Labrador but creates a sense of place, destination, vibrancy, and adds character to the area.

Eight proposals were submitted for consideration, each portraying Newfoundland and Labrador culture through a variety of styles, techniques, and designs. It was a difficult decision, therefore the team decided to short-list the proposals to allow for more discussion and reflection. The team is happy to announce the selection of Marshall Borland and Kelsey Street (see biographies below).

Marshall Borland and Kelsey Street studied visual arts at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Marshall and Kelsey’s mural incorporates a collage of images using mixed media including aerosol and acrylic paint. The mural depicts Corner Brook’s strong sense of culture; the thriving arts community, indigenous heritage, wildlife and nature, and a variety of historical elements including the mill/lumber yard and the fishery trade within the Bay of Islands.

The project timeline remains flexible as the 2020 cruise season was recently suspended due to COVID-19. Regardless, CBPC is pleased to move forward with the project and expects the mural to have lasting impact.

Thank you to all artists who took the time to prepare and submit such wonderful work. CBPC will continue to post updates on the project throughout the summer. Questions regarding the project can be directed to Jennifer Hartley, business development manager by email or phone 709-634-6600.




Kelsey is a multi-disciplinary artist of Mi’kmaq ancestry from Bay of Islands Newfoundland whose practice is based primarily in fibre art, printmaking, and painting. Street graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual arts from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University and has exhibited her work provincially and internationally at venues such as Grenfell Art Gallery, PULP Gallery, Tina Dolter Gallery, Craft Council, and Gatehouse Arts in Harlow, England.




Marshall is an artist from Central Newfoundland whose work is based in sculpture, printmaking, mural painting, and tattooing. Borland studied visual arts in the department of fine arts at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University and is a co-organizer of the Botwood Mural Art Festival. His work has been exhibited provincially and internationally at venues such as the Grenfell Art Gallery in Corner Brook, Brooklyn Art Library, and Gatehouse Arts in Harlow, England.



SAFETY NOTICE: Humber Arm to Port of Corner Brook

Public Safety notice issued from Ice Atlantic – Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard will be conducting ice-breaking operations in Humber Arm to the Port of Corner Brook, over the next several weeks starting February 24, 2020.

Please be advised the icebreaker will be leaving an open water track in the ice during this time. Snowmobiles and residents are reminded not to venture too close to the open water track.

The Canadian Coast Guard cannot have absolute control on the behaviour of the ice. Depending on the conditions, the ice can be pushed instead of broken and ice can crack or break in areas away from the location where the icebreaker is working. This can cause risks for the safety of people and property. The public is warned to act accordingly, i.e. refrain from walking on the ice; remove mobile equipment in advance of ice-breaking activities protect permanently non-movable property, for instance.

Download: Public Safety Notice