Request for Quotation: graphic design and creative services

Introduction and Context

Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) is implementing a cruise enhancement project which aims to improve cruise passenger and crew experience at the dock facility. CBPC is seeking quotations for graphic design and creative services for this project.

The project includes many different components including improvements to the cruise welcome program through more effective way-finding signage, informative maps, backdrops/billboards that showcase Newfoundland heritage and history, and an official building sign (site identifier).

The proposed improvements will help the port better accommodate cruise ship calls in the future by providing a more welcoming and colourful arrival area and ensuring clear and concise directional and informative signage.


Scope of Work

The CBPC will evaluate all quotations submitted for this project. The successful business will be responsible for the following elements of this project:

  1. Design and creative service.
  2. Recommendation of all materials including most appropriate means for printing and installation.

If possible, the following items can be added into the scope of work and quoted accordingly:

  1. Purchase, production and delivery of all materials.
  2. Installation of signs.


Design Requirements

  1. General way-finding (exterior signs, various sizes, pedestrian on-foot)
    • Welcome to Corner Brook, Newfoundland banner
    • 3 Mobile directional fingerboard/sign
    • Crew Wifi Lounge sign
    • Information Kiosk sign (x2)
    • The Market sign (x2)
    • Shore Excursions | Shuttle Bus | Taxis signs
    • Cruise Terminal sign (x3)
  2. Informative Maps (exterior signs, 4’x3’ or larger, pedestrian on foot)
    • Directional map to civic square
    • Overview map of CB with key points
  3. Heritage and Historic Selfie Backgrounds (external, seasonal, around 8’x8’, pedestrian on foot, to be installed in The Market)
    • Gros Morne National Park scenery
    • Newfoundland fishery scenery
    • Open to suggestion for third backdrop
  1. Site identifier
    • Sign/block lettering to be installed on the transit shed (logo or wordmark)


Submission of Quotations:

Extended Deadline: quotations must be submitted by March 13

Email quotations to


Interested in learning more about this project? Contact us to request more detail.

Jennifer Hartley, Business Development Manager | 709-634-6600


SAFETY NOTICE: Humber Arm to Port of Corner Brook

Public Safety notice issued from Ice Atlantic – Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard will be conducting ice-breaking operations in Humber Arm to the Port of Corner Brook, over the next several weeks starting February 24, 2020.

Please be advised the icebreaker will be leaving an open water track in the ice during this time. Snowmobiles and residents are reminded not to venture too close to the open water track.

The Canadian Coast Guard cannot have absolute control on the behaviour of the ice. Depending on the conditions, the ice can be pushed instead of broken and ice can crack or break in areas away from the location where the icebreaker is working. This can cause risks for the safety of people and property. The public is warned to act accordingly, i.e. refrain from walking on the ice; remove mobile equipment in advance of ice-breaking activities protect permanently non-movable property, for instance.

Download: Public Safety Notice


Call for Artist Proposals – Port Mural


Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) is a community-based organization responsible for the day-to-day operation
of the Port of Corner Brook. CBPC is committed to pursuing projects which have the potential to generate economic
activity for Western Newfoundland. The Tourism Mural Project is part of the Cruise Enhancement Project that
includes various improvements to the cruise welcome program. Cruise tourism is an important revenue generator
for the port and creates economic activity in the city and region. CBPC would like to improve the overall appearance
and atmosphere at the dockside area so that the passenger experience is reflective of the local area and/or culture.

CBPC is issuing an open call for artists to submit individual or group proposals to create an original mural to be
displayed on the outside back wall of the port transit shed located on the wharf (see attached). As part of the
CBPC’s cruise enhancement project, the goal of this mural is to help create a more welcoming and inviting
experience during the arrival of cruise ships. We encourage artists to imagine the space through the lens of a cruise
ship passenger arriving to the City of Corner Brook for the first time. What is it about Corner Brook and the culture
of this province that attracts tourists to Newfoundland and how can this be portrayed within the mural?
Individual and group submissions will be accepted until 4:30 p.m., March 27th. The selection process will take place
and the preferred candidate(s) will be notified by April 3rd. Installation of the mural will be scheduled for Spring
2020. To eliminate the risk to the artist(s) we recommend that the mural be painted on an independent material to
be installed directly on the building.

This call for proposals is open to all artists who are interested in engaging with the CBPC, its board members and
the community in conversations about place-making, public art, and the generation of ideas. We welcome both
individual and group proposals, although artist teams must share the total commission awarded. Previous mural
experience is not required but considered an asset.

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Artist statement of intent
3. Contact information
4. Up to five images of previous work (in JPEG format) with accompanying documentation (i.e. title, medium,
dimensions, location).
5. Full description and sample of the proposed mural.

The artist(s) selected for this project will receive a flat rate artist’s fee of $5000.00. Material costs as well
as photo/video documentation of the work will be covered by CBPC.

Deadline for Submissions: March 27, 2020.

Submit all submissions to

We would like to thank all artists in advance for the interest in this project. If there are any questions of concerns
regarding this project please contact Jennifer Hartley, business development manager via email or phone 709-634-6600.

Download: Port Mural Project-Call for proposals


Employment Opportunities with Logistec Stevedoring Inc. at Port of Corner Brook

In August 2019, the Corner Brook Port Corporation, along with funding and project partners, announced significant investments to enhance port infrastructure. This project will help the port facilitate a transportation link to international markets from Corner Brook, NL.

Since the announcement, the port, along with its stevedoring partner Logistec Stevedoring Inc., has been working closely to move the project to fruition. The port has purchased container handling equipment consisting of a mobile crane and two reach stackers, which are due to arrive late April or early May.

The hiring process is a key project milestone for Logistec. This process is officially underway as they look to hire qualified and diverse talent to join their team. Employment positions currently offered include:

“Creating more and better-quality jobs is key to boosting growth in our region. Our mandate at the port is to enhance the economic well-being of Western and Northern Newfoundland and Labrador and this project certainly aligns with this goal, so we are more than happy to share all upcoming opportunities with our partner Logistec.” says CEO Jackie Chow.

Logistec is a recognized terminal operator across North America, operating in more than 34 ports and 60 terminals. For more information about Logistec Stevedoring Inc. visit

Interested in applying for a position with Logistec?

Send your resume to!

For more information about the Port of Corner Brook email


Port of Corner Brook Releases Busy 2020 Cruise Schedule

Corner Brook, NL is expected to welcome more than 30,000 passengers and 14,000 crew this season. With 20 vessel calls scheduled from 12 different cruise lines, the 2020 cruise season is on track to be the most successful year to date. The season will start on Monday, May 4, 2020 with the arrival of Mein Schiff 1, a TUI Cruises vessel and will run until October 10, making it one of the longest seasons for the port. View the full schedule here.

“We’re excited to welcome a record-number of ships this season. In anticipation of this year’s growth, we are focused on enhancing our cruise welcome program at the dockside to ensure a boost in the overall passenger experience. Creating a better market area, including more selfie-spots and more directional signage are just a few items on our list.” says Jennifer Hartley, Business Development Manager at the port.

Several large ships are scheduled including three port calls from TUI’s Mein Schiff 1, a call from Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and the return of MSC’s Meraviglia.

Local businesses and tourism partners can learn more about the upcoming cruise season by emailing


Notice of Increase in Port Tariff Rates

Corner Brook Port Corporation
P.O. Box 1165, 61 Riverside Drive
Corner Brook, NL  A2H 6T2 Canada
Phone: (709) 634-6600
Fax: (709) 634-6620

December 4, 2020

Notice of Increase in Tariff Rates – Port of Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador

The Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) wishes to advise that there will be a 3% increase in Port Tariff Rates effective January 31, 2020.  This increase will apply to harbour administration, berthage, wharfage and storage. Effective Jan. 31, 2020 interest will be applied to all overdue accounts as per section 10 of the Terminal Tariff document.

The complete Terminal Tariff report detailing the rates, charges, rules and regulations at terminals and facilities in the Port of Corner Brook is available on the Corporation’s website under Industrial Operations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the increase please contact Dean Jennings, Operations Manager at 709-637-4282.

Best regards,

Jackie Chow, CPA, CA

Chief Executive Officer


Successful Cruise Season ends at Port of Corner Brook

The fifth-largest ship in the world, MSC Meraviglia, made its maiden call on October 11 marking the end of a successful cruise season for Port of Corner Brook.

The 2019 cruise season included visits from several large ships including TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 1 and two calls from Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. The largest ship of the season was the 171,600gt

MSC Meraviglia departing port of Corner Brook

MSC Meraviglia which made its inaugural visit to Corner Brook. The MSC Meraviglia will return to Corner Brook next season. Several other maiden calls were made this year including the Mein Schiff 1 and the Zuiderdam. Maiden calls are an important indicator at the port as they not only represent Port of Corner Brook’s growth in the industry, but it highlights the increasing demand for Canada–New England cruises and Western Newfoundland as a tourism destination.

The cruise industry is considered a key economic driver for the region. This season saw a total of 18 calls to the port up from 15 calls last year. Corner Brook accommodated 24,396 cruise passengers and 11,206 crew members, representing a total increase of 37.5% from the 2018 cruise season.

Despite the three cancellations due to weather, the season was one of the best on record for the port. Jennifer Hartley, Business Development Manager at the Corner Brook Port Corporation, said

“We are pleased the results of the 2019 cruise season and are excited to announce that our projections for 2020 show continued growth with 20 ships scheduled. These results validate the work our team dedicates to the cruise industry both at the port and in the community”.

The Port of Corner Brook works closely with the Cruise Network team, a committee made up of members from the City, local businesses and other interest groups who meet regularly to help improve the overall passenger experience while in Corner Brook.

The 2020 cruise ship season will start with the return of TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 1 on Monday, May 4, the first of two calls for the vessel.


Investments in Corner Brook Port infrastructure announced

Member of Parliament for Long Range Mountains, Gudie Hutchings on behalf of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced a $5.5 million investment for a project that will increase operation efficiency at the Port of Corner Brook, and will move Canadian goods to international markets.

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, announced a contribution of $850,000 towards the project on behalf of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Corner Brook Port Corporation will be contributing $2,325,000, Logistec $1.7 million, and Corner Brook Pulp & Paper $625,000.

Federal and Provincial Government representatives and key industry partners join Port CEO Jackie Chow following significant investment announcement.

In April 2019, Corner Brook Port Corporation submitted a funding proposal to Transport Canada under the National Trade Corridors Fund and today the proposal was approved. This significant investment will be used to enhance the loading and unloading capacity at the port facility and allow the port of Corner Brook to access major shipping routes.

In the immediate future the port will purchase container handling equipment consisting of a mobile crane and two stackers. This equipment along with existing infrastructure including the fixed pedestal crane will increase workflow efficiencies by allowing the port to load international container ships within the limited time constraints of the vessel call. Once the container operation is underway, the port will construct a warehouse on the dock to create indoor cargo storage space.

In addition to facilitating a transportation link for the region, the mandate of Corner Brook Port Corporation is to facilitate economic development for the region.

“Transportation and distribution of goods are a vital part of our local, regional and national economies.” said MP Gudie Hutchings.

There is export potential in multiple sectors, both in the short-term and in the years to come.  Some of the more imminent opportunities are in fisheries, forestry and other natural resources.  An international shipping service also provides growth opportunities for businesses looking to import raw materials and goods from international destinations. In the long-term, the stability of a regular shipping service may generate the conditions for more export development in this and neighbouring regions.

With the confirmation of this infrastructure enhancement, the port will be working with its stevedoring partner Logistec Stevedoring Inc. to attract an international carrier to provide regular cargo service to the port, which will lead to economic growth for Western Newfoundland.

The support of this project through the National Trade Corridors Fund will facilitate the development and expansion of export markets by creating a direct trade route from Corner Brook to global markets.  Creating a reliable and stable trade route will improve production planning, which is especially important for perishable products, and potentially open the door to new global customers.

“The opportunity to develop an international container service will be the cornerstone in the port’s future as we move into the post-divestiture period and strive to ensure the port’s long term sustainability.” CEO Jackie Chow

Transport Canada – News Release